12 wedding hairstyle ideas for medium length hair

12 wedding hairstyle ideas for medium length hair

Like all future brides, you want to be the most beautiful to say “Yes” to the chosen one of your heart. You have carefully chosen your wedding dress. You have selected the accessories that will enhance your outfit. You’ve even found the perfect shoes to complete the ensemble!

However, there is one thing you are still hesitating about: your wedding hairstyle!

Neither quite long nor quite short, your hair has this length that makes you doubt that you can find the ideal hairstyle. However, whether you’ve always had them medium-length, or whether you let them grow out for your wedding, it’s time to think about the perfect hairstyle for your big day!

Rest assured, whatever the length and texture of your hair, there is bound to be a hair style suited to both your face shape and your wedding attire.

To help you find inspiration, discover 12 ideas for wedding hairstyle for medium length hair !

Leave her hair free

What could be more natural than loose hair? The advantage of mid-length hair is that it nicely emphasizes the oval of the facewithout weighing down the carriage of the head.

For a “jumping out of bed” style, opt for a long hairstyle-disheveled square. With a wavy effect and a few lighter strands to highlight your natural color.e, you will have the ideal hairstyle for a bohemian or country-style wedding.

Loose but accessorized hair

Yes, it is quite possible to have a natural look by adding a well-matched accessory to your wedding outfit.

A beautiful wreath of fresh flowers Or a barrette made of delicate flowers add a bucolic touch to a bohemian dress, for example. In the same trend, a lock held at the side by a single flower will perfectly complete a country-style dress.

The fuzzy bun

Even with shoulder-length hair, you can achieve your dream of wear a bun on your wedding day. By bringing the locks one by one towards the nape of the neck, and holding them without tightening them too much, you obtain a bun that is a little fuzzy but extremely elegant.

Here is a hairstyle that is both chic and authentic!

The knotted bun

wedding hairstyle tied bun medium long hair

The knotted bun requires a certain technicality to be perfectly successful. The wicks are skilfully worked to bring contrast and an irreproachable graphic effect.

With a knotted bun, no hair flies in the wind. But it rhymes classic and glamorous to make you the most beautiful of brides.

The disheveled bun

Again, the locks are held at the nape of the neck by carefully concealed hairpins. Far from the very tight and somewhat strict bun, the disheveled bun gives the impression that you have done your hair in a hurry, while your hairdresser will probably have spent more than an hour! The result is a hairstyle as stylish as it is natural, and above all absolutely trendy!

The low bun on the side

low side bun

Whether loose or tight, braided or tied, the low bun worn on one side of the neck is always ultra feminine! It accentuates the romantic spirit by releasing part of the neckwhile highlighting the hairstyle itself.

With or without an accessory, this hairstyle is suitable for all styles of wedding dress!

The high bun

What could be more delicate and feminine than a bare neck and hair that escapes from a refined hairstyle? This is the result obtained by choosing a high bun as a wedding hairstyle.

Whether the locks are tight or loose, the high bun is perfect for medium-length hair and goes with any outfit!

The braided crown

This is the ideal hairstyle if you do not want to have locks in your eyes on the day of your union.

The principle is simple. Simply braid the hair on the top of the head, and bring the two braids together at the back. Your face is clear and your hairstyle can last until the end of the night!

To emphasize the braid, you can also add a thin flower crown to itor a few clips adorned with pearls or rhinestones.

The thick braid

braid hairstyle wedding medium long hair

With shoulder-length hair, it’s hard to get a long, chunky braid that goes all the way down your lower back.

However, hairdressers have their tricks to get the same effect with a medium length. It is enough to braid the hair from the top of the skull, after giving volume to the root. The locks are not pulled too far to give this impression of thickness, and the braid ends at the nape of the neck.

For even more contrast, consider lightening your hair with a light balayage a few days before the wedding.

The half tail

Again, this hairstyle allows you to highlight your face while leaving your hair almost completely down.

Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, the half ponytail suits all textures. Embellished with a pretty barrette, a few flowers or a beautiful ribbon, it gives a style that is as romantic as it is elegant.

The low ponytail

The ponytail is not the first hairstyle you think of when talking about marriage. However, when it is made with care and accompanied by a beautiful accessory, it brings an undeniable touch of chic !

By using a wick to cover the elastic and adding a large hair jewel just above, you obtain a hairstyle of rare elegance.

The half and half hairstyle

The idea is to use a prop, like a long barrette or several small decorated combsto pull the hair up on one side of the head.

On the other hand, the hair remains 100% natural, with just the right amount of hairspray or wax to maintain its hold throughout the day and night.

This wedding hairstyle particularly highlights curly or frizzy hair.

Finding your wedding hairstyle is not always easy. You have to take into account the shape of her face, the texture of her hair, her style of wedding dress…

Take the time to experiment before deciding. Your bridal hairstyle may be among these 12 ideas?


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