10 wedding themes that will be popular in 2023

10 wedding themes that will be popular in 2023

Love, joy and sharing will forever remain the foundation of successful wedding ceremonies. But wedding themes emerge over time. Themed weddings are reinventing themselves in 2023. The bride and groom are betting on new festive atmospheres for their big day. 10 wedding themes that will be popular in 2023.

An explosion of colors for her wedding

In recent years, many weddings have been decorated in white, driven by minimalist, refined trends. 2023 weddings take a 180° turn by putting bright colors in the spotlight. Yellow, red, blue… the colors assert themselves in their deepest hues.

Decoration, tableware, outfits for the bridesmaids, outfits and accessories for the bride and groom, there are a thousand and one ways tobring invigorating touches of color to your wedding reception.

A festive wedding

To celebrate the event as it should be with its guests, the party takes on its full dimension in the weddings of 2023. It is a real private festival that brings together the bride and groom and their guests on the dance floor.

The DJ and his turntables give way to a full orchestra, with all his musicians and their instruments.

The festival atmosphere is also invited with light games: strobes, disco balls, neon lights…

Personalized cups, bracelets and passes, food trucks… complete the picture.

A natural marriage

nature wedding theme

The nature theme for a wedding is always one of the most popular. In 2023, it is even stronger, mixing rural and bohemian themes.

The bride and groom incorporate as many natural elements as possible into their ceremony. Stone, wood, marble, flowers, linen, burlap… raw elements are particularly sought after.

As much as possible, we leave the elements in their natural place: an old stone wall or the drooping branches of a weeping willow become the background of a photobooth, tree stumps become seats…

Textiles in nude, beige, pink, peach shades let the beauty of nature express itself, underline it with discretion.

We find these same colors for the groom’s outfit.

Cultivating the eco-friendly spirit at its maximumgifts to guests are also sustainable products, such as seed packets, DIY soaps, etc.

Get married under the theme of the sky

Constellations and celestial elements become wedding themes in 2023.

Midnight blue hanging, starry and moon patterns, galaxy projector, flying lanterns… the nods to the sky are numerous.

Engaged couples who like this wedding theme do not hesitate to shift their ceremony to the end of the day, to enjoy the sunset, dusk and the starry sky.

Binoculars and telescopes can be made available for a closer look at the stars and the Moon.

magenta themed wedding

magenta wedding theme

Magenta is the iconic color of the year 2023. It is found in weddings in its deep red variations, but also its purple derivatives: lilac, mauve, parma, lavender. Wedding accessories, decor and flowers adorn themselves with these pretty colors.

It is found in particular in the bouquet of the bride, who also relies on dried flowers.

travel themed wedding

travel wedding theme

After postponements due to confinement, travel is resuming. Desires from elsewhere are stronger than ever and place travel in the top wedding themes for 2023.

A particular destination can be highlighted. For example that of the earlymoon (or honeymoon before time) or honeymoon.

Travel can also be approached more broadly, with world mapsof the postcardsa seating plan in the form of a topographical map, passports or transport tickets diverted into menus…

An intimate wedding

Small weddings are increasingly popular. The guests are handpicked, their number limited to the maximum. This intimacy can be the theme of the wedding and join the minimalist trend, around a festive and cozy atmosphere.

This type of marriage, which is also called elopement or micro weddinghas the merit of being easy to organize compared to large weddings, while many celebrations must be held, making the availability of service providers very tight.

A soft green wedding

green wedding theme

Refreshing and natural, the green color is very chosen in the weddings of 2023.

Candles, table linens, dishes… various elements of the wedding can be chosen in green. Up to the dresses of the bridesmaids or the cufflinks of the groom.

The trendiest shades of green in 2023 are sage green, water green, emerald green and bottle green.

The Disney wedding

Wedding dress designers were largely inspired by Disney princesses for their 2023 collection.

An inspiring choice in many ways since more and more fans of the firm are choosing to celebrate their union under the Disney wedding theme.

Castle, table decoration inspired by cartoons, magic… all the ingredients can be brought together for live your princess wedding and prince from the enchanting angle of Disney.

Unusual themed wedding

quirky wedding theme

The year 2023 intends to dust off the traditionalist institution of marriage. The unusual seduces, with the desire to surprise its guests. Ball opening that breaks codes, trash the dress, unexpected and improbable place… the newlyweds listen to their imagination and their desires and personalize their marriage in the image of their couple, as crazy as it is.

2023 is the year of ultra festive weddings. From the beginning to the end of this crazy day, whether it is celebrated with great fanfare or in a very small committee, the desire to make the most of every moment is felt a thousand percent. Animations, outfits, decoration, choice of colors, wishes and even wedding invitations, each element is a fair balance between the sacredness of commitment, love and joy of the present moment and the future to come alongside his husband, his wife.


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