10 tips to steal from fashion influencers for pretty Instagram photos

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks around, and it’s used by millions of people to share their favorite moments. Many influencers are active there and share incredible quality images which attract millions of followers. Want to know how to have pretty Instagram photos like an influencer? In this article, we will give you tips and tricks for taking quality Instagram photos, and teach you how to show yourself off and stand out from others. So get started!

Fashion influencers always choose THE right outfit to highlight their figure

Fashion influencers are known for their daring outfit choices and thetheir sense of fashion. They know what works for them and know how to go about it. Looking at their looks, one can easily see that they always choose outfits that show off their figure and dress style. They are experts at mixing bold and classic pieces to achieve a unique and timeless look, but their instagram feed is very elaborate and often in harmony with their style.

They are always taken from their best angle

Influencers are known for their obsession with perfect selfies and taking pictures from the best angle. They do not hesitate to take dozens of photos to find the most flattering, and they are ready to do anything to obtain this famous “perfect angle”. They can be seen spending hours taking pictures of themselves from different angles, and it’s often comical to watch. They even invent improbable postures to obtain the desired effect! This is what the very funny Celeste Barber notes with humor!

They often remove and replace the background of their photos

remove background from photo

Influencers are known for their skills in retouching their photos. They are always looking for the best photo and leave nothing to chance.
To look good, they sometimes remove and replace the background of their photos. This gives the impression that they are always having fun in trendy places. But in reality, most of the time, this is not entirely true!
Of course, with today’s technology, they can easily edit their photos to make them more perfect.

Photo backgrounds are often replaced with more beautiful landscapes and more sparkling colors thanks to online tools like fr.depositphotos.com/bgremover.html. The technology can also be used to change the size of objects and even change the angle of the image. Influencers can choose a background that shows their luxurious lifestyle and exotic places they often visit. Some people might wonder if this is an honest way to show their lives and share their adventures? And you, what do you say about it ?
In any case, some play the game by posting the “before-after” photos that we also know as “Instagram versus Reality” and which often make us laugh!

They are always looking for the right lighting to highlight their features.

good lighting to highlight your features

Influencers are very good at making sure they are always photographed in the best light. They are so expert that they can even make the lighting in a room work to their advantage, even if that room is rather dark. Influencers are very creative with the material they have and can use mirrors to reflect light, LED lamps and even candles to control the brightness of photos. They know how to manipulate the lighting to get the perfect shots, which is incredibly impressive. Ultimately, they can create images of themselves that are breathtaking, with a quality that is almost too good to be true!

They use (and abuse) photo filters

instagram photo filter

Influencers love to use photo filters for the selfies and videos they post. You can’t blame them for wanting to look their best and show their best side to ensure their followers see the most flattering version of themselves. Photo filters are practical and easy to use, which makes them very popular with influencers. They can change skin color, smooth wrinkles, add special effects… While these filters can be fun, they are no substitute for natural beauty… so the next time you see an influencer photo on Instagram, don’t forget that she is a person just like you and must have spent a lot of time reworking her photos!

Some additional tips to stand out from the rest

1. Take your time and plan when you are going to take the photo. Make sure the light is optimal and the overall composition is interesting.

2. Use the right equipment. Invest in a good camera and accessories if possible.

3. Take pictures with the right colors of clothes or accessories. Use bright colors to grab your audience’s attention, neutral colors for a minimalist vibe, etc.

4. Play with different angles and zoom levels to create interesting images.

5. Use frames and borders to make your photos more attractive.

6. Add relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience.

7. Have a consistent feed and post new photos regularly to keep your account active.


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