10 *TIMELESS* Fashion Ideas from FASHION ICONS!


10 *TIMELESS* Fashion Ideas from FASHION ICONS! For hyperlinks to all the pieces talked about or proven on this video, click on SHOW MORE!



  1. My number 1 fashion tip don't use real animal fur or skin or feathers or wool (edit wool is cruel because some sheep freeze to death because they can't keep warm is cold conditions)

  2. 😂 Love this video. It was entertaining to watch with the humor, great editing, and great personality! Love. Also, love your natural look/style in here…very pretty. Also, very good at picking you the style of the icon and incorporating it into today's look. I love how you are right on point about speaking about their style and look (and their quote about fashion).

  3. You skipped one of the best – heiress, actress and philanthropist Dina Merrill. She was at one time the wealthiest woman in American and rebelled to become an actress. Her style was so elegant but in a relaxed way. She could look amazing in an evening gown but also in a little cotton shift dress. Even at 93 when she passed away she was impeccably dressed and lovely.

  4. Useful information but really it's better to just wear what you want and don't copy other people's style. If you be you, you will look good anyway. If you try to be someone you're not, it's going to be obvious.

  5. But then again, statement sleeves on the wrists are not a good fit for pear shaped bodies, since they draw attention to the waist area. Unless one wants to accentuate those curves, in which case it works.


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