10 Naughty Birthday Gifts for a Single Girlfriend

10 Naughty Birthday Gifts for a Single Girlfriend

A single friend is about to celebrate her birthday and you are looking for a gift to give her? And if you dare a sexy and teasing birthday present? Our selection of 10 Naughty Birthday Gifts to give to a single girlfriend.

A naughty bathbomb

Gifting bath bombs is very trendy. For a birthday, we opt for a bathbomb containing a surprise, naughty for the occasion, and which is revealed after the effervescent ball has dissolved.

Hermetically sealed in a waterproof packaging, the surprise is total in front of a mini sextoys, an erotic cosmetic, a naughty accessory or even a piece of fine lingerie.

Naughty surprise bath bombs are marketed ready to use. They can also be easily homemade, for a DIY birthday present.

A sex toy

Gone are the days of taboo, sextoys are now offered openlyeven between friends, on special occasions, such as birthdays for example.

The rabbit vibrator

sex and the city rabbit vibrator
@Sex And The City

The rabbit vibrator is one of most famous sex toys since it was featured in the Sex & The City series. Since then, its success has not been denied, with fans of the series, but not only. Users praise without restraint its formidable ability to lead to pleasure thanks to its double stimulation. Recognizable among all with its rabbit ears, and its bright colors, this very design dildo is also a very beautiful object to offer. A birthday present that will not leave your friend indifferent!

The vibrating duck

naughty gifts offer single girlfriend

How not to crack in front of the cute duck vibrator? But don’t be fooled by its innocent look, the vibrating duck is indeed an adult toy that your friend will enjoy adopting.

Yellow as a traditional bath duck, colourful, patterned, with rhinestones, with a feather boa… your friend can even collect duck vibrators, each one adopting a more glamorous look than the next.

The womanizer

Like vibrators, womanizer sex toys lead to solitary or shared pleasure. Without vibrations, they offer different sensations but just as exciting and intense, without contact. A gift to give him a new and, to say the least, sensational experience.

An erotic book

naughty gifts offer single girlfriend

Books are among the most popular gifts. To surprise a reader on her birthday, bet on an olé olé book.

In addition to the very famous “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy series, erotic literature is full of works in which to immerse yourself with delight to spend a naughty and intimate moment.

Kama Sutra, documentaries on tantrism, romantic or erotic novelsThere is something for every taste.

A sexy calendar

naughty gifts offer single girlfriend

The sexy calendar is perfect for a birthday gift at the end of the year or at the beginning of the year. Her splendid naked photos of pretty models will accompany your friend for an entire year, month after month. Men’s photo calendar, women’s calendar, lingerie calendar, color or black and white photos… the concept is endless. A gift as pleasant to look at as it is useful.


naughty gifts offer single girlfriend

Give condoms to a single friend for her birthday? Yes, the idea is good. Celibacy is not definitive: a meeting can take place at any time, and more if affinities. It is essential to protect yourself. Preventive and useful, such a gift shows her friend how much we care about her.

The condom box can be simply wrapped in pretty gift paper or slipped into a birthday bag. You can also offer the condoms in a more original way, by slipping them into a bouquet of flowers, or by personalizing their packaging.

Remember that these must be intact so that the condom protects as it should during intercourse.

an aphrodisiac soap

naughty gifts offer single girlfriend

Receiving cosmetics for your birthday is always a pleasure.

Solid soap like shower gel are aphrodisiacs to give a single friend a moment for herself, relaxing, intimate and full of sensuality. Apply as a massage in the bath or shower to rediscover your body and feel more seductive than ever.

A satin eye mask

naughty gifts offer single girlfriend

Deprived of sight, the other senses sharpen. In the dark, perceptions become completely different. The satin eye mask is a birthday present that will invite your single friend to immerse herself in a fantasy world, where sensations increase tenfold in erotic tension.

Erotic delicacies

naughty gifts offer single girlfriend

Who says birthday says delicacies. Suggestive and humorous baking molds can be offered and/or used to cook in honor of your friend.

Choosing a penis mold allows you to cook a delicious naughty birthday cake. You can also take the opportunity to offer him penis-shaped candies or chocolate with aphrodisiac virtues.

For drinks, plan ice cubes in the shape of a willy to decorate and refresh the cocktails without bringing down the caliente and joyful atmosphere of the naughty-themed birthday party.


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