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The Perfect Vacation Dress in Amangiri, Utah

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this Majorelle yellow ruffled dress (similar here and here)"! I wore it recently on the Revolve trip to ...
18-03-2018 21:55

Friday Favorites: Paris Fashion Week Edition

For my Friday favorites, I wanted to do a special Paris Fashion Week edition to give you all the details on some of the current trends and class...
16-03-2018 21:52

The Song of Style Raw Bar Recipe

Photo by @runwayonthego A lot of you guys have asked for a complete ingredients list and directions to make my raw bars. Well… ask and you sha...
15-03-2018 21:55

Blue Blazer and a Polka Dot Top for a Casual Day in LA

If you know me, you know I love blazers. To amp up a basic blazer, color or pattern is necessary. Since I was already wearing a Zimmermann polka...
14-03-2018 21:54

Raw Cut Frayed Hem Jeans Shopping Guide

Relaxed denim with a raw hem has been my go-to jean lately. In Paris, I only packed one pair of jeans and they were these GRLFRND distressed str...
13-03-2018 21:53

Where to Eat in Paris: Pink Mamma

On the last day of Paris Fashion Week I went to Pink Mamma with my team for lunch. The restaurant was three stories high filled with art (which ...
12-03-2018 21:54

Last Day of Paris Fashion Week: Chanel & Louis Vuitton

The last day of Paris Fashion Week is always the biggest day because it is when the Chanel show and Louis Vuitton show happen. It finally warmed...
11-03-2018 21:54

Red Polka Dot Dress with PVC Coat

For the Valentino show, I opted to wear a Valentino polka dot red dress (similar here). I matched my Stella Luna heels (similar here and here) w...
09-03-2018 22:01

Feeling Blue at PFW: Racil Polka Dot Dress with Malone Souli

As I was about to run off to another show for PFW, I got a package and it contained this Racil polka dot blue dress. I wasn’t happy with … T...
08-03-2018 21:53

How To Wear Louis Vuitton Sneakers, One Blazer Two Ways

had their second show in Paris. Joseph Altuzarra’s inspiration of New York as a child really hit the nail on the head with the pinstripe coord...
07-03-2018 21:53

Paris Fashion Week Diary Day 5 – Loewe & Balmain

Day 5 of PFW started out with the Loewe show in the morning. It was the only day it rained in Paris so I decided I wanted to … The post Paris ...
06-03-2018 21:52

Paris Fashion Week Diary: Chloe & Isabel Marant

Day 4 of Paris I woke up to a snow day and was excited because I was going to see two of my favorite brand’s collection – Chloe … The post...
05-03-2018 21:52

Neutral Outfit W/ Blue Eyeshadow Look

Day 3 of Paris fashion week! To start off my day, Anh, my hairstylist (@anhcotran) recommended makeup artist, Daniel Martin (@danielmartin) to d...
04-03-2018 21:50

Paris Fashion Week Day 2: What I Wore To Dior & Saint L

Day 2 of PFW and it is one of the coldest days in Paris history (Yep, you heard that right.). First thing in the morning I did for … The post ...
02-03-2018 21:49

Red Polka Dot Top & Denim Jeans w/ Pink Jeweled Pumps

Paris has been frigid (I mean record-breaking cold temperatures.). I only brought one pair of denim jeans and so I had to wear these GRLFRND dis...
01-03-2018 21:53

Paris Fashion Week Diary Day 1: off duty outfit and Jacquemu

Bonjour from Paris! This week I decided to do a diary every day on the blog and show you all the outfits I wore and the shows I went … The pos...
28-02-2018 21:51

Leather Skirt and Chanel Boots for Meetings

Back in LA means another day full of meetings (I swear anytime I’m home I can’t ever chill, but thats the day in the life of a girl … The ...
27-02-2018 21:50

How to wear this Runway trend for under $200

Lilac is the color of the year. It adds a pop of color and is a change up from the typical millennial pink. Lilac is modern yet sophisticated â€...
26-02-2018 21:52

A Sunny Day in LA in Roger Vivier Heels and Madewell Jeans

I just came back to LA for a week and I never forget how pretty this city is. It is my home and office base so I am … The post A Sunny Day in ...
25-02-2018 21:49

Friday Favorites: NYFW Edition

Monochrome is an easy way to dress especially when one is pressed on time. It?s simply understated yet creates a polished look and makes packing...
23-02-2018 21:49

Floral Dress with a Shearling Jacket for Meetings during NYF

Dresses are always easy to wear when you’re on the go, plus they look put together (Even if it took you two seconds to throw a dress on … Th...
22-02-2018 21:49

Clear PVC Shopping Guide

PVC was all over the runway during Paris Fashion Week last Fall. Chanel and Tibi included transparent PVC pieces in their most recent collection...
21-02-2018 21:50

Blue Floral Top with Distressed Jeans for Zimmerman

I always look forward to the Zimmermann show at NYFW. The floral patterns, lacey details, and flattering silhouettes never cease to amaze me. Th...
21-02-2018 21:50

Winter Skin Remedy with Olay Whips

 It is no secret that I am obsessed with skincare. Having always struggled with sensitive skin and eczema, it is important for me to stay on top...
19-02-2018 21:49

Red Patent Trench Coat with Red Metallic Heels

I feel like I?ve been very monochromatic this entire NYFW so I decided to switch it up. When I first saw this red Ralph Lauren coat (similar her...
18-02-2018 21:48

Trend Watch: Pretty Pastels

Goodbye millennial pink, lilac is the new IT shade. For the past 2 seasons, I have seen lilac all over the runway (Tibi, Phillip Lim, and Victor...
16-02-2018 21:51

Green crinkled shirt with matching shearling fur coat

Day 5 of NYFW was my busiest. Knowing this, I knew I didn’t have time to plan my outfits and just had to go with the flow. For … The post Gr...
16-02-2018 21:51

One Dress Two Ways

Going to back-to-back shows can be tricky for wardrobe changes, but you can make it easier on yourself by wearing something two ways. I had no t...
14-02-2018 21:48

Self Portrait Ruffle Top & Patent Leather Pants

Self Portrait has been one of my top favorite fashion labels and I look forward to their shows every season. This time around I wore a Self Port...
12-02-2018 21:52

All White Look with Cream Wool Coat

While packing before the trip, I was really rushed. So rushed that I had to pack similar tones and colors that I like and knew I would wear. …...
11-02-2018 21:54

Oversized Cream Sweater and knit pants for NYFW

This morning I didn?t know what to wear, but I was in a rush as always and since I knew I needed to stay warm against the frosty … The post Ov...
09-02-2018 21:50

Shearling Coat and Hiking Boots in NYC

Before the chaos erupts that is known as NYFW, I was off-duty and had some time to get errands done. It was snowing when I woke up and … The p...
08-02-2018 21:52

What To Wear on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day can be a day full of grand gestures, or a simple reminder you’re single AF. Whether you celebrate it or not, everyone must a...
07-02-2018 21:51

All My Favorite NYFW outfits Round Up

New York Fashion Week is an exciting time for me to see new collections designers have worked hard on. Last year’s NYFW did not disappoint. I ...
06-02-2018 21:51

What To Wear To NYFW in February

New York Fashion Week is just around the corner. That means it is time to get inspired and plan what to wear. For the February fashion week, I p...
05-02-2018 21:52

Sun-date with Jacopo in Gap Jeans and Chanel Cap Toe Heels

Sunday is a great day to have a Sun-date (you see what I did there"). On one of my recent Sundays I knew Jacopo was coming to LA … The post Su...
04-02-2018 21:51

Friday Favorites: Gold Coin Necklace, Tote Bags, and Oversiz

If you don?t have a coin necklace, you need to get one now. I have been wearing mine on repeat and find it is more of an everyday … The post F...
02-02-2018 21:49

The Essential Winter Hiking Boots Shopping Guide

Hiking boots aren’t just for the great outdoors. They’re currently a fashion favorite, especially during the winter months. I am a big fan o...
01-02-2018 21:52

Grey Sweater, Vetements Boots, and Saint Laurent bag

Whenever I’m back in Los Angeles I have a routine at work which is easier for me. My team and I start off with a morning meeting followed … ...
31-01-2018 21:53

How To Wear Patent Leather This Winter – Shopping Guid

I’ve always been a big fan of patent leather. When I first started wearing it I got so many weird stares (like when Julia Roberts wears patent...
30-01-2018 21:51

Plaid Blazer with Denim on denim

 When I am in LA my go-to uniform is denim. I wanted to make my denim on denim look more savvy for a day full of meetings with … The post Plai...
29-01-2018 21:50

Beige Pantsuit w/ Armani Beauty in Paris

Before the Armani #SaySiToPassion event, my suitcase was still no where to be found (Thanks Air France!). But I tried to stay positive and thank...
28-01-2018 21:55

Friday Favorites – Leather Jacket and Red Micro Sunnie

I haven’t taken off this pretty bee necklace from Art Youth Society. It’s dainty which makes it perfect to layer with other necklaces. I’v...
26-01-2018 21:53

Frame Distressed Leather Jacket with Matching Leather Skirt

Since one of my suitcases was still missing and I was wearing this Frame distressed leather jacket again, (affordable here and here). I wanted t...
25-01-2018 21:56

Two Different Looks in the same Chanel Floral Dress

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week has finally arrived! I look forward to this week every year. But what is fashion week without a few hiccups" On...
24-01-2018 21:52

Velvet Duster Coat With Boyfriend tee

Duster coats have a dramatic silhouette that gives movement to your overall outfit when left unbuttoned and/or untied. It is an article of cloth...
23-01-2018 21:50

Phuket Travel Guide – What to wear and where to go

I recently just came back from Phuket, Thailand and I want to share my experiences with you. This bustling island can be a relaxing destination ...
22-01-2018 21:54

Remembering Nabile Quenum

While in Thailand I was given the tragic news that my friend Nabile Quenum, also known by his street photographer name J’ai Perdu Ma Veste, ha...
21-01-2018 21:59

Friday Favorites – Polka Dot Tops and Metallic Sandals

I?m finally back in LA, but only for a couple of days. I?m off to another magical city! Can anyone guess where I?m going" Before I start packing...
19-01-2018 21:53

Thai-island Paradise with Revolve Sharing My Favorites

My first time in Thailand definitely did not disappoint. I’ve always loved Thai food and whenever I don’t know what to eat, my go-to is any ...
18-01-2018 21:51

Dad Shoes That Are Actually Cool To Wear – Shopping Gu

The dad shoe is back, dun dun dun. I know what you’re thinking, why" But I say, why not"! Yes they’re a bit chunky but despite that, there â...
17-01-2018 21:53

A Classic Knit Top, Jeans and Embellished Heels

Sometimes you need to go with a simple, classic look. Whether for comfort or just because you feel like it. I wanted to wear these brand new Man...
16-01-2018 21:54

Best Kitten Heels for Winter & NYFW – Shopping Gu

Just like micro shades, micro heels are having a major resurgence in fashion. Kitten heels offer commitment to a heel without the blisters and a...
15-01-2018 21:54

Casual Work Day Outfit in Frame Blouse & Mother Denim J

When I come home to LA after being away for so long I always have so much to catch up on. But rather than doing nothing because I … The post C...
14-01-2018 21:51

The 90s Are Back – Micro Sunglasses Shopping Guide

The 90s revival is real, especially in fashion! Sunglasses though are the newest thing to be touched by the 90s and the micro-shade sunnies have...
12-01-2018 21:52

Polka Dot Top W/ Boyfriend Denim Shorts in Thailand

Imagine lush palm trees surrounding you and fresh mango in your mouth as you look towards the bluest ocean. Sounds amazing right" That?s what I?...
11-01-2018 21:52

Denim Shearling Jacket SHOPPING GUIDE

Furry accents are having a major moment in fashion. But when have they not" I?ve seen furry bags, furry mules, and furry jackets all over the pl...
10-01-2018 21:54

Denim Shearling Jacket and White Raw Hem Jeans

I spent the entire day with Dani for some much needed sister time. We had the chance to catch up, laugh and take care of some business. No … T...
09-01-2018 21:52


Turtlenecks are making a comeback! I’ve always loved wearing them, but recently I’ve seen so many brands coming out with different versions ...
08-01-2018 21:56

Faux Fur Coat For Staying Warm In New York

As many of you guys know, it is no secret how much I love New York. It is a magical city during the holidays with all the twinkling … The post...
07-01-2018 21:53

Friday Favorites – How To Start The New Year Off Right

New Years resolutions are like hitting refresh. You get to start new journeys, healthy habits, and make a positive change in your life. If you w...
05-01-2018 21:55

Striped Sweater and Denim For A Casual Day In LA

This  Self Portrait lace-up frilled striped sweater (similar here, on sale here, and affordable version here) is a nice way to change up the con...
04-01-2018 21:50

Pretty Work-Out Outfits that’ll Inspire You to be More

I’m really excited about 2018! And what’s more exciting than starting off the new year with new work out gear" I have to admit that I’ve b...
03-01-2018 21:53

5 Things I Learned in 2017 and 2018 Resolution

 Happy New Year! I spent my New Year’s Eve in Big Sur with two of my good friends as well as my dogs for a much needed nature … The post 5 T...
02-01-2018 21:51

My Favorite Pieces From 2017

Friday Favorites has easily become one of my favorite things I started this year! I remember it just being an idea that my team and I threw arou...
31-12-2017 21:52

What to Wear When it’s Not That Cold Outside

The Grove is one of my favorite places to go whether it’s for shopping or to watch a movie. While shopping for holidays gifts, I went into Nor...
31-12-2017 21:52

What to Wear to a NYE Party and Still be Comfy

Holiday season for me means being festive but most importantly being comfortable. I’m talking super cozy socks, thick PJ’s, binge watch Netf...
28-12-2017 21:52

One NYE Dress, Two Ways.

I’m wearing a Topshop Velvet Wrap Dress (similar here, here and $28 version here!) that’s perfect for New Year’s Eve and a pair of really ...
27-12-2017 21:55

Suede Trench Coat and Frame Denim

When it comes to casual, low-key dressing I think it gets a bad reputation. I never wear sweats in my house, let alone out in public. Not becaus...
26-12-2017 21:52

Merry Christmas, Starting a New Tradition

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year yet I can’t help but feel a little down every holiday season. Anyone else with me" I...
25-12-2017 21:48

Blue Satin New Year’s Eve Dress

If you loved this blue dress or this one I wore over the summer, then this pretty blue Tibi satin one shoulder dress which is 60% off right now ...
24-12-2017 21:48

Quick Holiday Look With Statement Pieces

This is a paid partnership with Gucci and ShopStyle. Dressing up for the Holidays is a lot easier than you think! Whether you?re going to dinner...
21-12-2017 21:49

Red Sweater and Straight Leg Pants

Finally after all the back-to-back traveling I am able to get back to my office in LA! Even when I’m in LA though I’m busy. But at least …...
20-12-2017 21:50

The Best Dresses For Holiday Parties

I?m going to a Holiday/Christmas dinner with my team tomorrow and did some last minute online shopping for something to wear. But I came across ...
20-12-2017 21:50

Travel Friendly Beauty Products

I’m just coming back from NY, but I thought I would share what I packed! It was a short work trip so I didn’t pack much or check … The pos...
18-12-2017 22:08

How to wear Manolo Blahnik

There is no shoe quite as stylish, classic and symbolic as a Manolo Blahnik. Their embellished and pointed toe style is something I?ve admired a...
17-12-2017 21:45

Look For Less: Camel Sweaters & Red Sweaters Under $100

Have you guys started your Christmas shopping yet"! I’ve been traveling so much that I’ve made a list but haven’t really bought anything y...
14-12-2017 21:45

White Midi Dress In Miami

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I was in Miami for Art Basel. Time flies when you’re having fun!  Honestly the art is what ...
14-12-2017 21:45

The Ultimate Luxury Holiday Gift Guide

This is a paid partnership with Gucci I’ve been having so much fun creating gift guides lately that I’ve decided to create the Ultimate Luxu...
13-12-2017 21:47

Green Trench Coat & ALL BLACK OUTFIT

Growing up I never used to wear all black because I thought since I was a dark brunette I couldn?t pull it off (I always thought the blonde … ...
12-12-2017 21:47

Ultimate Holiday Giveaway

Today I?m sharing something special with you guys. It’s an Ultimate Holiday Giveaway! I am extra festive in a Pink Glitter Sweater and matchin...
11-12-2017 21:45

Friday Favorites – Miami Edition

Since I was just at Art Basel Miami I decided to switch it up just a little bit and make this Friday Favorites a Miami Edition! To be … The po...
08-12-2017 21:45

You Won’t Believe How Affordable This Coat Is

It’s never cold enough to wear a heavy coat in LA. I drove to a work-out class in the morning the other day and it was 50 degrees!! … The po...
07-12-2017 21:44

What To Get Your Boyfriend And The Other Boys In Your Life

Shopping for the boys in your life (dad, boyfriend, best friend, brother, etc) is sometimes a little tricky. Lets be real, they’re simple and ...
06-12-2017 21:51

Self Portrait Plaid Pants And Red Leather Boots

Why haven’t I worn more plaid in my life, besides my coveted Tibi blazer (similar and affordable version here, here and also here)!" I created...
05-12-2017 21:45

Miami Art Basel Outfits Throwback & What I Am Wearing T

Art Basel Miami begins this week! If you’re not familiar with Art Basel, it’ a week-long event that brings together some of the world’s mo...
04-12-2017 21:47

Shearling Jacket With Cashmere Turtleneck

Can we all take a moment and admire how beautiful the weather has been in LA this week!" Gosh, if feels like the past couple of weeks have … T...
03-12-2017 21:48

Friday Favorites – Camel Sweater, Manolo Blahnik, and

It’s that time for Friday Favorites and I’m obsessed with everything this week! I always get excited for Fridays, because I get to share my ...
01-12-2017 21:46

What To Get Your Health Obsessed Friend Who Loves Fitness

Between all the traveling I’ve done so far this year, I think I’ve done a pretty good job at eating healthy and keeping a steady workout. It...
30-11-2017 21:47

Red Cashmere Sweater With Fedora Hat

Embracing something old and something new with this outfit. Although I’ve been wearing this Lou & Grey red cashmere sweater (similar and affor...
29-11-2017 21:47

The Classic Aimee Outfit

Another day, another red outfit. I’ve been wearing red non-stop lately especially when it comes to sweaters and this time I wore this red wool...
28-11-2017 19:50

Layered in Grey

Sweater weather is where it’s at. My go-to outfit went from t-shirt and jeans to sweater and jeans. Although Thanksgiving weekend was extremel...
27-11-2017 21:51

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

After hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at my new house and spending the majority of the night doing dishes, I started looking online for some holid...
25-11-2017 21:46

One-Shoulder Dresses

Ok guys, I?ve seen all the love you?ve left on my Instagram every time I post a one shoulder dress. So, I did some research and put my … The p...
24-11-2017 21:50

What To Get You Sister or Girl Best Friend

We all want to impress our best friends and sisters with the most perfect gifts, ultimately being named the best gift giver of the season. We’...
22-11-2017 21:49

My fail-proof Fall Outfit – The Camel Coat

If you guys read my most recent Friday Favorites post, you saw me talk about my favorite coat & the new sweaters i’ve been obsessing over. I w...
22-11-2017 21:49

The Perfect Gift Guide for The Jetsetters

You know I basically live out of my suitcase and with the holiday season creeping up, I know you guys will be too! This is a guide for … The p...
21-11-2017 21:49

What to Get For the Friend Who’s Decor Obsessed.

I know, I’ve yet to do a full house tour now that I’m living in my new house but I still have a long way to go with … The post What to Get...
20-11-2017 21:49

Boxy Camel Sweater and Camel Suede Pumps

I never wear sweatpants. Not ever. The closest thing I have to sweatpants are my leather joggers and it’s a very rare occasion that you will s...
19-11-2017 21:50

Friday Favorites – Cook Books, Velvet Jackets, &

1. Elsa’s Wholesome Life â€“ I recently discovered this lifestyle book during my trip to Antwerp & Mauritius through the author’s twin siste...
17-11-2017 21:51

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